Why Choose TBF's Wall Panels Instead Of Drywall?

Walls Lancaster 2019

"Do you do drywall?" Oh dear, we hear this daily when booking appointments; and it makes us all cringe a little hearing it.   

Drywall in a basement isn't the ideal finish that people like to believe it is.  Drywall is made up of organic materials like paper and gypsum that soak up moisture like a dry sponge in a soapy pot.  Since basements are humid areas, this leads to problems like mold and mildew; and if your basement floods it makes even more problems and you could lose your total investment in the drywall that you put up.  "When drywall becomes damaged, repairing it with new drywall can be a messy and expensive process -- one that you may have to perform again and again as your basement floods repeatedly."  And regular wood on basement walls can be just as bad as drywall.

Drywall Damage Kenmore 2019


So what does Total Basement Finishing of WNY use instead of drywall?  We use a system of EverLast™ Wall Panels that are made of non-organic materials. Non-organic? We know, we're in an organic loving world, but in this case non-organic is so much better. Because our EverLast™ basement wall panels are non-organic, we can assure you that they cannot be damaged by moisture and won't support mold or mildew growth.  They are child-friendly, easy to clean, and can be painted over if you would like that but they look lovely on their own and don't need paint making them low maintenance.  These sturdy panels can support heavy items mounted directly into the wallboard, with no need to cut away the insulation and expose the wall beyond; this includes cabinets, pictures, and even a television!

Our panels create a continuous, 2 1/2 in. thick thermal barrier between your existing cold basement walls and your newly renovated space.  The innovative SilverGlo™ insulation integrated into each panel is designed with graphite-infused expanded polystyrene insulation (EPS), which makes it 24% more efficient per-inch than standard EPS insulation.  That saves money on heating and cooling your newly renovated space!

Check out some of our fabulous wall installations from the last 18 months!


Walls Going Up in Cheektowaga in June 2020

Finished Walls In Rochester, December 2019

Finished Walls In Lakeview, half painted half to be painted 2019

To find out more about our fantastic, water resistant wall system check out this part of our website.


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