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"My house is too small for all of us right now."

Have you been saying that to yourself lately? Working from home and having your children being home schooled this year has left a real space-crunch for many people.  We can help! We specialize in creating space out of what otherwise would be unuseable spaces in garages and basements.  

Imagine your basement as it could be. You go downstairs, it looks bright and clean. You walk about 8 feet across the room, and open a door (that's right a door where there wasn't one before!) and step into your new office area. It's not huge but it's all your own. You've hung up pictures from your last vacation on the wall because they make you smile. Your desk isn't huge but it's plenty big enough to hold your computer and the paperwork that you need to get through. You plug in your phone and you can work in peace.

We can make this happen for you! Our EverLast Wall Systems can be quickly installed and break up your big basement into seperate rooms.  They come in a quiet beige color that goes with most everything (we also have an option that would let you paint the walls, but people more often choose our regular EverLast Walls as they are a nice neutral color). This is an iedal home office space! We can put in new flooring and insulation too which help keep your new home office cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And overhead lights keep things bright and cheerful.

Now imagine that you are home with your kids. They've finished lunch and are ready to get back to their school work. You go into your refinished garage with them to make sure they're set up with everything that they need. The walls have cartoons that they've drawn taped to them. The floors muffle the noises of your steps, and the drop ceiling that you had installed keeps noises down to a minimal level.  The floors have clean, new flooring and there is an area with floor cushions for them to comfortably do their required reading; and another area where they set up some legos for when they need a break.  There are shelves and cabinets there to keep everything stored easily. Your kids can do their work comfortably and safely in your refinished by TBF space. And you know that even when life gets back to normal you can reuse this space. It might become a parents only area after this school year Wink

As mentioned in a previous blog, our drop ceilings provide a level of soundproofing which can make a huge different in the noise quality in your home. Our EverLast wall systems are easy to clean which makes them family friendly. And they are moisture and mildew resistant which makes them perfect for tricky areas like basements and garages which normally have a very high moisture content in the air.

We are confident that we can help you recreate spaces in your home to meet your current needs. Please contact us today so we can help you get started!


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