The Buzz About Egress Windows

Egress Window has become the new buzz words around our office. And we don't think that we will stop hearing about them any time soon.

completed egress window

In October 2016 egress windows became mandatory in any basement that has a bedroom in New York State. And in May 2020, amid the Covid-19 crisis, egress windows became mandatory in any basement with habitable space in it. What that means is that almost all basement renovations now will need to have an egress window put in with it. Instead of just bedrooms needing one now (along with other projects) family rooms, office spaces, and play rooms will need to have an egress window.  Even some large storage areas will need them now!

The biggest reason for egress windows to be installed is to add a level of safety to your home. If there is a fire and egress window gives a person in the basement a quick and easy way out of the home, and if there is a medical emergency it gives paramedics a direct access point to get someone out of a basement without hassle. It is important to have one if anyone is spending any amount of time in the basement.


Egress windows normally take about a week to install (though this can go longer if the project runs into unexpected problems, if there are weather issues, or if there are multiple windows to install).

We start by using an excavator to dig a large hole to install the egress window in, and by marking the inside of the basement wall to show where to cut it to install the window into.


We then cut out the basement wall to create the space for the window to be installed.

cut for window

We frame out the window and install the egress area on the outside in the hole that we excavated.


As you can see, the egress area is quite large and will accomidate people of all sizes for an emergency exit.

egress size

We then install the window, and add a cap over the egress area so it will be water resistant from the outside.

egress cap

We then backfill the area around the window which keeps it secure and safe.

We have multiple styles of egress windows available, and you can check them out on our website here.

The costs per egress window varies with the work needed to put it in and with the type of egress window that you are having put in. Please conatact our office at 1-716-331-3218 or at 1-716-331-3218 (depending on the area you are in) to set up an appointment to find out more about what an egress window will cost for you to have put in.


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