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Genesee County, NY's Exceptional Basement Finishing & Remodeling Contractor

Basement Finishing Contractor in Genesee County, NY

At Total Basement Finishing of Western NY, we not only adhere to the highest industry standards, but we constantly strive to be the industry leader in all basement finishing and remodeling services we provide to our customers in Buffalo, Rochester, New York. We use only state-of-the-art products and technology that were scientifically engineered to not only fix your basement, but create a much more beautiful space within your home. We are the authorized Total Basement Finishing dealer in Genesee County, NY

The basement remodeling experts at Total Basement Finishing of Western NY will sit down with you to thoroughly go over the plan you have for your basement project.  We will offer our expertise to help you make the best decision for your home and family to create a space you will love for years to come.  

Basement Finishing Products & Services

We use nothing but the tried and true basement finishing products and service methods of Total Basement Finishing.  We offer everything from insulated and waterproof basement wall panels, drop ceiling tiles, our patented flooring systems, and much more. Our home improvement experts can transform any dull, unfinished basement into a place you and your family can enjoy for years to come! 

Our highly trained basement finishing and remodeling experts will take the time to figure out your wants and needs, and help you figure out what would be best in your home.  Whether you're looking to build a home office, entertainment center, small gym, or something else, we have the skills and expertise to help build your dream basement.

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Job Stories From Genesee County, NY
Totally Finishing a Basement in Batavia, NY

A young couple from Batavia, NY contacted us about refinishing their basement. They wanted to use their basement to have an area to enjoy crafting and creating, but their basement was original to their 1890's house and it just wasn't condusive to their needs.  Our Design Specialist Kenton met with the couple and checked out their basement, it was ready for a TBF total refinishing.

We installed EverLast Wall Systems to fully refinish the walls, Thermal Dry flooring to create a new floor finish that is clean and comfortable, and painted the ceiling to a fully finished look. We also installed a SaniDry XP Air System which will decrease the humidity in the basement and make the whole home more comfortable; and replaced the stairs so the basement is totally safe and comfortable.

We hope that the couple can enjoy their refinished basement and that they will create wondeful things and memories down there.

Totally Finishing a Basement in Batavia, NY - Photo 1
Reworking A Water Damaged Basement In Batavia, NY

In the summer of 2020 a couple from Batavia, NY contacted Total Basement Finishing of WNY for help with their basement. One of their pipes had broken, which lead to them demolishing their finished basement. They wanted our help to rework their basement so it would be a functional family room again.

When meeting with our Design Specialist Todd, the couple decided that they wanted to slightly expand the finished space that they had before, and make their family room bigger. Our EverLast Wall Panels made a clean finish for them. We painted the ceiling and they chose to have our Thermal Dry Elite Plank Flooring in Oak installed. They also added special finishing touches like pole wraps and having us finish around supports that are on the ceiling that really brought the room together the way that they wanted it to.

Reworking A Water Damaged Basement In Batavia, NY - Photo 1
Hannah's Haven

Once upon a time in the quaint town of Alexander, NY, there lived a woman named Hannah. Her home was her sanctuary, but the basement… it was a different story. Outdated and dreary, it was a space she avoided, until one day, she decided it was time for a change. She called Total Basement Finishing of Western NY, known for their magic touch on the most neglected of spaces.

The transformation was nothing short of a fairy tale. The team worked tirelessly, weaving their expertise through every corner of the basement. The ceiling transformed into a stylish canopy overhead, the walls embraced modernity with a fresh, vibrant look, and the trim added an elegant outline to the newly minted space. The floors, once cold and unwelcoming, now radiated warmth and style. Hannah’s basement became her haven, a place where she could relax and entertain, basking in the modern and refreshing ambiance that was once just a dream.

Chris's Corner

In the town of Alexander, NY, Chris faced a dilemma. His beloved home was perfect in every way but one – storage. His basement, a potential treasure trove of space, was cluttered and chaotic. Desperate for a solution, he reached out to Total Basement Finishing of WNY. With a vision of a clutter-free life, Chris watched as the team crafted a masterpiece.

The builders, with their skilled hands and creative minds, constructed a new storage room that fit seamlessly into the basement’s existing layout. Shelves lined the walls, sturdy and ready to bear the weight of memories and necessities. Cabinets stood at attention, offering refuge for the myriad of items that had once littered the floor. Chris’s basement was reborn, not just as a storage room, but as a testament to organization and peace of mind. It was his corner of clarity in a world filled with stuff, all thanks to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of Total Basement Finishing of WNY.

Joel's Basement Transformation

Once upon a time in the quaint town of Alexander, New York, there lived a man named Joel. Joel was a proud homeowner, but he had a problem: his basement was a dark, damp, and neglected space. He dreamed of turning it into something more—a place where his family could gather, where memories could be made, and where the value of his home would soar.

One day, as Joel browsed through home improvement magazines, he stumbled upon an advertisement for Total Basement Finishing of Western New York (WNY). The ad promised a magical transformation—a way to unlock the hidden potential of his basement. Intrigued, Joel picked up the phone and dialed their number.

Within days, a team of experts arrived at Joel’s doorstep. They assessed the basement, taking measurements and discussing design options. Joel’s excitement grew as they shared ideas: a home theater corner, a mini bar, and even a play area for his kids. They assured him that the transformation would be nothing short of remarkable.

The construction began. Joel watched with anticipation as the crew worked tirelessly. Walls were framed and flooring laid down. The once dreary basement started to take shape. Joel marveled at the progress—the smell of fresh paint, the hum of power tools, and the promise of something beautiful.

Finally, the big reveal day arrived. Joel stood at the top of the basement stairs, heart racing. As he descended, he gasped. The space was unrecognizable. A sleek bar stood in one corner, complete with a wine rack and bar stools. On the opposite side, a cozy nook housed a large-screen TV and plush recliners.

But it was the details that truly stole Joel’s heart. The decorative wall panels, the trim, and floors—it all screamed sophistication. Joel’s family gathered in their new basement, laughing, toasting, and playing games. It was a space that felt like an extension of their home, not just an afterthought.

And the best part? Joel knew that this transformation had added significant value to his property. If he ever decided to sell, potential buyers would be wowed by this hidden gem beneath the house.

Joel thanked the Total Basement Finishing team profusely. As he sat on his plush couch, sipping a glass of wine, Joel couldn’t help but smile. His basement was no longer a forgotten space—it was a sanctuary, a testament to what a little vision and expert craftsmanship could achieve.

From that day forward, Joel hosted countless gatherings in his basement. Friends and family marveled at the transformation, and he proudly told them about Total Basement Finishing of WNY. Joel’s home had gained not only square footage but also a place where memories were made and dreams came true.

And so, in the heart of Alexander, NY, Joel’s basement became a beacon of inspiration—a reminder that sometimes, all it takes is a phone call to turn a neglected space into something extraordinary.

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