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Before and After Pictures from Buffalo
Refinishing Before and After in Buffalo, NY

Refinishing Before and After in Buffalo, NY

Before After
Refinishing Before and After in Buffalo, NY Refinishing Before and After in Buffalo, NY

In 2019 we were approached with a special job. It was for a house in Buffalo, NY that has a lot of guests in and out, and that wanted to create a laundry area just for the guests, as well as a comfortable and dry space in the basement to let the guests have an area to relax in away from the rest of the house. The bedrooms were all upstairs, and the basement had been refinished before but it just wasn't right for the current needs. TBF of WNY was happy to do the work, and create a new and more functional space.

Open Basement in Cheektowaga, NY

Open Basement in Cheektowaga, NY

Before After
Open Basement in Cheektowaga, NY Open Basement in Cheektowaga, NY

A couple in Cheektowaga, NY approached us for help refreshing their basement. They wanted to keep it very open, but to modernize it.  We worked with them to design a space that would let them do whatever they would like to in the future, and used our fantasatic Ever-Last Wall Systems, and Mill Creek Flooring to do so. The couple wanted to keep their ceiling as it was originally, so our Mill Creek Flooring in Mahogany provided a pleasant color contrast.  And we did a wrap on the support poles that adds a very attractive element.

Bringing a Basement to Life in Sloan, NY

Bringing a Basement to Life in Sloan, NY

Before After
Bringing a Basement to Life in Sloan, NY Bringing a Basement to Life in Sloan, NY

Vince Amico of Sloan, NY met us at the WNY Home & Garden Expo earlier this year. There, he saw various samples of our patented product. He’s been contemplating for a while now some sort of a basement remodeling project but didn’t know what professionals and materials to use.

Soon after our home show, Vince reached out to us to set up a free estimate for one of our basement specialists to come check out what type of design and project that would best fit his wants and needs. Our basement specialist Ryan Koziol walked him throughout the entire process of designing and planning the perfect basement remodel that would create much more living space and a huge recreational room. Space and having a new and exciting feeling when walking into his basement were his biggest concerns.

After our crew transformed his basement, Vince can now enjoy his beautiful remodeled basement that’s bigger than ever now worth so much more!

Buffalo, NY's Trusted Basement Finishing & Egress Window Installation Expert

The Project Manager and Installation Crew were very attentive to our comments/needs during the project. ...
Happy Customers Surrounding Buffalo, NY
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Reviews From Buffalo
Testimonials From Buffalo
The Installer is a perfectionist. He cares about every aspect of the job. I couldn't be happier with his work and my finished basement. When I met with the...
Testimonial by Joanne C. from Buffalo, NY
Service has been A1 from beginning to end.
Testimonial by Gloria B. from Buffalo, NY

Use specifically designed basement products in your home in Buffalo

Total Basement Finishing of Western NY is your local expert and authorized dealer for Total Basement Finishing. Our technicians are fully trained and certified to transform your basement into a beautiful, durable space for your family to enjoy. As a local company, we like getting to know our customers and making sure we get the details right. Our goal is to leave you with a more comfortable, more valuable home - all thanks to your basement!

Basement environments are damp as a rule, so it's important to use the right kind of products when remodeling or finishing your basement. Total Basement Finishing products are engineered specifically with basements in mind, so they can stand up to moisture and protect your basement from its dangerous effects.

Our products and services in Buffalo:

  • Basement finishing & remodeling
  • Wall panels & insulated wall paneling
  • Drywall restoration
  • Remodeled flooring
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Egress Windows
  • Basement windows & doors
  • Crown molding
  • Column sleeves
  • Basement staircases
  • And more!

Ready to get started on your basement project? Schedule a free estimate with us today! We serve residents of Buffalo and areas nearby.

Case Studies From Buffalo
A couple in Buffalo, NY needed more space for their family in Buffalo, NY. The couple has foster children and they needed a space to store items so...
This family came to us with an old, worn down basement, interested in giving it a new look.
This family came to us with their unfinished basement interested in adding an extra living space for their family.
Job Stories From Buffalo, NY
Working On An Open Concept Basement In Buffalo, NY

A couple in Buffalo, NY needed more space for their family in Buffalo, NY. The couple has foster children and they needed a space to store items so they had more space on their main floors. When meeting with our Design Specialist they wanted to focus on keeping the basement an open space, and they really wanted help refinishing their basement stairs which had become rather rickety with time.  We do not normally redo basement stairs, but with a larger finishing project like this we can work with homeowners on them.

Our install team had its work cut out for them as the staircase needed to be fully replaced. A bit of patience, a lot of skill, and some teamwork made that happen for the homeowners. Then our EverLast Wall Panels and ThermalDry Elite Plank Flooring were installed. This space is clean and safe for the family's needs. We hope that it will give them the space that they need for a long time to come.

Working On An Open Concept Basement In Buffalo, NY - Photo 1
New Ceiling in Buffalo, NY

A homeowner contacted Total Basement Finishing of WNY for help with his basement ceiling. He was thinking about painting it, but he wasn't sure how it would look and he wanted to speak with someone about options that would be available for him. Our Design Specialist Piercen met with him, and after measuring the basement and talking over the options the homeowner deicided that he wanted to do a drop ceiling in the basement instead of a painted ceiling. He loved that the drop ceiling would cover the pipes and support beams.  Our Prestige linen dropped ceiling looks fantastic in his basement and the homeowner has been very happy with our work.

Finishing A Basement Floor For A Growing Family In Buffalo, NY

In 2017 TBF of WNY was contacted by an older couple for help with their basement. Their son, daughter-in-law, and three grandchildren were going to be moving in with them for a few months while they (the family, not the couple) looked for a new home. The couple wanted their basement to be as nice as possible for their family to spend time in and store things safely in.

After meeting with our design specialist the couple decided to hold on finishing the whole basement and just have TBF of WNY install a new floor in the basement for them. Our Mill Creek Flooring made their floors glow in the light and provided an easy to clean, and durable floor that would last long after their family moved in and out.

Installing Flooring In A Man Cave In Buffalo, NY

A homeowner in Buffalo, NY contacted TBF of WNY in June 2020 because he wanted to refinish his man-cave area in his basement. After meeting with our Design Specialist, the homeowner decided that he liked his walls as they were, but that he really wanted a new floor installed in his basement to make things more comfortable for him.

Our Mill Creek flooring is a fairly quick installation for our crews, and was installed in less than two weeks. The homeowner loved it in the rich mahagony color that he chose. We hope that he is very happy and comfortable with his floors, and when he is ready to refinish his walls that he will call Total Basement Finishing of WNY.

Making A Room In A Basement In Buffalo, NY

In March 2018, a homeowner contacted Total Basement Finishing of WNY with a special project. He wanted to create a finished room in part of his basement, so he could have a home office area.  

Our EverLast wall systems were a fantastic choice to make this room happen. They both line exterior walls, and can be used to create new wall systems.  A painted ceiling an 7 new recessed lights made the room much brighter, and our ThermalDry tile flooring kept the floors clean, warmer, and comfortable.

Creating A Kids Space In A Basement In Buffalo, NY

In January of 2019 a couple from Buffalo, NY contacted Total Basement Finishing for help making a kids area in their basement. They wanted to convert half of their basement into a play area, and add a bathroom to the space so their kids could be happy, comfortable, and have their own area of the house.

Our Design Specialist met with the couple, and made up two designs for the basement, one with a half bathroom in the the finished half of the basmenet, and the other with a half bath adjoining the finished side of the basement, but with the bath jutting into the unfinished side. The couple decided to have the half bath installed in the finished side of the basement, and after obtaining the necessary drawings and permits the installation went smoothly.  The couple asked to add pole wraps to the support posts in their basement to complete the finished look, and we were happy to add those onto the finishing project. We're glad that their family has space to play and grow in, and we hope that their basement gives them many years of enjoyment to come!

Easy Basement Finishing in Buffalo, NY

In the winter of 2018 a woman contacted us about finishing her basement for her. The walls were plain cement and though she didn't have any big plans for what she wanted to do with the space, she did want a clean finished look for it. This made for an easy appointment with our Design Consultant, as our refinishing processes were exactly what she wanted.

New EverLast walls around the exterior of the basement made a clean and modern look. A painted ceiling and new floors helped make the basement look finished. And a SaniDry XP Air System improved the air quality around the basement and the whole house.

The finished basement looked clean and exactly the wat that the homeowner wanted it to. We hope that she gets years of enjoyment out of her finished space.

Refinishing A Basement After Water Damage In Buffalo, NY

In the spring of 2019 a family contacted Total Basement Finishing of WNY for help refinishing their basement. There was a foundation issue that caused a flood which they had taken care of, but they missed their finished and functional space. After meeting with the family, our Design Specialist found that they wanted to put a bedroom in the basement. Because of the New York State building code, to do so they would have had to  have an egress window installed too.

After getting a permit and an architect's drawing, which are needed for work like this in Buffalo, NY, we could start the refinishing that December. 

After a little demolition work, our Installation Crew installed the egress window, then put up our EverLast wall system around the entire basement. Our EverLast wall system also broke up the space into several rooms, including the bedroom that they needed. Our MillCreek flooring went through half of the basement. New lights added new life to the basement space, and finished the refinishing to make the basement look very cozy.

Working With The Customers In Buffalo, NY

In 2017, a pair of new homeowners contacted Total Basement Finishing for help with their basement, but they decided to hold on any work for a while until they settled in. We kept in touch, and when they were ready to look at designs in 2019 we were there to speak with them. When our Design Specialist met with the couple he found that they didn't want to do a full refinishing right now, they just wanted to start with an egress window to keep their basement space safe. We were happy to help them with this, get the necessary permits, and architectural drawings needed for this work in this area, and to do the installation for them.


Turning Half Of A Basement Into A Family Room In Buffalo, NY

In 2017 a young family contacted Total Basement Finishing of WNY to see if we could finish half of their basement for them. Their family was growing and they wanted to make a family room for their children to play in.

We were happy to help them out and refinish as much of the space as they wanted for their new family room. Our EverLast wall systems divided the open basement into two halves, which created the family room that they were hoping for. A painted ceiling and our Thermal Dry tile flooring finished the space and made it comfortable for the kids to play in.

Finishing An Older Basement In Buffalo, NY

A couple contacted Total Basement Finishing in November of 2018. They had an older home on the Buffalo/Kenmore boarder and wanted to know what they could do to make their basement better.  Our Design Specialist met with them, measured the basement, and went over options that they coudl do. The couple chose to refinish their walls using the EverLast wall systems, and to finish their laundry area as well as the rest of the basement. They left a small utility area unfinished by their sump pump.  A linen drop ceiling and Thermal Dry flooring really finished off the space, and let us install additional lighting for them.

Refinishing A Large Basement In Buffalo, NY

In the winter of 2019 a man approached Total Basment Finishing of WNY for help refinishing his basement. It was a large space and he wanted to make an area that his family could use but leave a small area for the laundry unfinished. We were very happy to work with him on this project.

In the summer of 2019, our Installation Crew put up our EverLast wall panel systems to finish the outside walls of the basement, and to create small storage areas and the smaller laundry room. The large space left after these were carved out of the basement then a linen drop ceiling and new Thermal Dry tile flooring installed to create a comfortable and easy to clean space.

Refinishing A Large Basement In Buffalo, NY - Photo 1
Making A New Living Space In Buffalo, NY

In the spring of 2019 a homeowner contacted us about refinishing their semi-finished basement in Buffalo. They were thinking about making a bedroom and possibly a living space in the basement but they weren't really sure about how they wanted things to look. They just really wanted to change the basement so that it wasn't just one large space anymore.

Our Design Specialist met with the homeowners and discussed options with them. To have a bedroom in the basement they would need to have an egress window installed, but they didn't want to install an egress window. (Note: The New York State building code regarding egress windows has changed since we finished this project, starting in May 2020 all habitable living spaces in basements need to have egress windows installed at the time of renovations.) Our Design Specialist worked with the homeowners to create a basement office, storage closet, and a basement living room that would break up the basement and let them use the space in a way that would free up a bedroom on the main floor so their space met with their current needs.

The homeowners chose to wait a few months before starting the renovation, which meant that we were working on their basement in January 2020. This suited them just fine as our Installation Crew worked to put up our EverLast wall systems, and install a new floor in just a few weeks. The homeowers now have a comfortable living space, storage, easy access to their sump pump and utility boxes.

Changing Plans in Buffalo, NY

A woman in Buffalo, NY contacted us early in the spring of 2018 wanting to refinish her basement. She had a lot of ideas about how she could redo the space, and as her daughter's bedroom was in the basement how she could make it a nicer space for her daughter. Our Design Specialist met with the woman, and found out that her plans were very ambitious. She wanted to create a better bedroom for her daughter, a living room, a laundry room, a games area, and a storage area. There wasn't space for everything that she wanted in her basement. 

 Our Design Specialist helped the woman scale back her plans. A finished bedroom for her daughter, a laundry room, and living room area would fill the basement.  Our EverLast wall systems would create seperate rooms in the basement for all of these spaces, and since the basement had a high ceiling a linen drop ceiling and new floor tiles would create a finished look. Installing a new SaniDry XP Air System would increase the air quality in the basement for her daughter, as well as the air quality throughout the whole house. And since there was a bedroom in the basement we would need to install an egress window to keep everything up to New York State Building Code. (Note: The New York State Building Code for egress windows changed in May 2020, now any habitable space in a basement needs to have an egress window put in at the time of renovation.)

The woman didn't love not having everything that she wanted in the basement, but she understood that finishing a space doesn't make it bigger than it already is. She decided to hold on the work until she loved the plans, and just have an egress window installed in her daughter's bedroom area for safety and comfort. We will be happy to help her refinish the rest of the basement when she is ready to.

Surprise Basement Laundry Room In Buffalo, NY

In the fall of 2019 a homeowner contacted TBF of WNY and asked for our help with a special project. He wanted to surprise his wife with a renovated laundry room! He set up an appointment with our Design Specialist and surprised his wife with his idea at the appointment. She LOVED it. Our Design Specialist Paul helped them create a plan for a laundry room that would work for them, and with the space that they had in the basement. 

We completed the work on their laundry room in early March 2020, using our EverLast walls, ThermalDry tile floors, and painting the ceiling to create a clean, modern, and water resistant laundry room. What a difference the space made! We are very proud of our work with this and that we could leave the couple with a room that really worked for them.

Making Decisions in Buffalo, NY

A couple in Buffalo, NY contacted TBF of WNY in June 2019 about finishing their basement. They wanted to make a living room and a full bath in their basement.  Our Design Specialist met with the couple, measured the basement then worked with them on the design. As they talked things through, the found that where they wanted to install a bathroom they couldn't do so without a lot of reconfiguration of the pipes. That wasn't what they were thinking about for their basement. The homeowners decided that they would hold on putting in a bathroom, and instead make a family room and a seperate office area that they could use, or possibly turn into a bathroom eventually if things changed. They chose to keep their laundry area seperate too.

Our EverLast wall systems created the three rooms that the homeowners decided on, and a painted ceiling was a great choice for this space as the ceilings were fairly low. New flooring and additional lights finished the space beautifully and the couple were thrilled with the choices that they made.

Finishing Floors and More In Buffalo, NY

A couple in Buffalo, NY contacted Total Basement Finishing of WNY for help fully finishing their basement. They had finished the walls a few years prior but they still weren't loving their basement that they used as a family space.  Our Design Specialist Paul met with the couple and found that though they had finished the walls they had left the floors and ceilings bare. Identifying this made it easy to work up a design that would make the family space much more comfortable.

Our Installation Crew both painted most of the ceiling, and installed a linen drop ceiling in an area of the basement that was a little higher than the rest. A half bath with a toilet and pedestal sink was added to the basement, which always adds not only ease and comfort but also value to the home. Some new lighting and a panel floor finished the space and helped create a bright, easy to clean family area for the couple and their children.

Making A New Room In A Basement In Buffalo, NY

A couple just moved into their new home in Buffalo, NY in the summer of 2019 when they contacted TBF of WNY for help creating a room in their basement that they could use as a home office.  Our design specialist met with them, and was happy to help them redesign an area of their basement to better meet their needs. 

Our EverLast wall panels divided the space and created a cozy office. The couple decided to go with our paintable wall panels so they could paint after we left to make the space their own. A painted ceiling, new lighting, and a tile floor helped finish the space. Our installation crew hung a barn door that the couple provided to finish the look of the space to their liking. 

Installing An Egress Window In Buffalo, NY

In 2019 a couple in Buffalo, NY contacted Total Basment Finishing of WNY about installing an egress window for them. They had done some home renovations with a different contractor and found out that since they were adding a bedroom to their basement that they would need to have an egress window installed too.  Our Design Specialist met with the couple, and measured the basement. They found that the other contractor had used drywall to finish the basement. We do not recommend using drywall in a basement as it attracts mold and mildew. Our Design Specialist worked with the couple to find the placement for the egress window; and the couple happily agreed that they would finish around where the egress window was installed as we do not work with drywall.

The installation went smoothly in August 2019, and the couple was very happy with the Egress Window.

From Bare To Beautiful in Buffalo, NY

In 2017 a homeowner contacted Total Basement Finishing of WNY for help refinishing her basmenet. She had recently had a flood in her basmenet and it had to be stripped down to the studs. She wanted to have her basement living room back but also have walls that would last into the future.

Installation crews installed our EverLast wall systems, which automatically gave the basement a beautiful look. New flooring tiles and a drop ceiling helped create a finished look to go with it.  New doors with brushed nickle handles fully finished the space. The homeowner was very happy with her remodel and told us at TBF that it was the good thing that happened after the issues in her basement.

Dividing A Basement To Create A Finished Space In Buffalo, NY

In 2018 a man contacted Total Basement Finishing of WNY because he wanted to create an office and a family room in his basement. He met with our Design Specialist and when they were working on the design together the homeowner decided that he didn't want to finish the whole basement. He wanted to create the spaces that he needed and leave the rest for storage and laundry. Our Design Specialist worked with him to create a design that he was comfortable with and that would meet his needs for years to come.

Our installation crews used our EverLast wall systems to seperate the finished area from the utility part of the basement. They installed new flooring, new doors to seperate the space, and painted the ceiling to create a finished look. A SaniDry XP Air System was also installed, which improved the air quality thoughout the basement and the whole house.


Refinishing A Laundry Room And More In Buffalo, NY

In 2017 a couple contacted Total Basement Finishing of WNY for help refinishing their laundry room. Theirs was old, worn down looking, and hard to do the laundry in. Our Design Specialist met with the couple and talked with them about all of their basement desires. He found out that they couple really wanted to refinish more than just the laundry room but wasn't sure how to do it because their basement was long and narrow. Our Design Specialist worked with the couple on the design of their basement, creating a main room that they could do most anything with and a seperate laundry room. They loved the design and eagerly anticipated the work getting started.

Our installation crew worked hard to create the basement of the couple's dreams. Our EverLast wall systems quickly went up and gave the whole basement a fresh new look. Our speciality flooring and a linen drop ceiling created a clean and modern look that the couple loved. New doors seperated the laundry area from the rest of the basement, and helped make both rooms functional and comfortable to use.

Refinishing A Laundry Room And More In Buffalo, NY - Photo 1
Adding Two Egress Windows in Buffalo, NY

In December 2018, a woman contacted TBF of WNY because she wanted to have two egress windows installed in her basement. She told us that she knew that it wasn't the best time of year to have windows installed, so she could wait until spring to have it done. Her patience was rewarded! After getting architect's drawings that the city of Buffalo requires for work like this, we got started with the work in March 2019. It only took about a week for both egress windows to be installed. The woman loved our work and was very grateful that her basement was a safe space to put bedrooms into for her daughters.

Finishing An Old Basement in Buffalo, NY

A couple in Buffalo, NY approached TBF of WNY about finishing their unfinished basement. Their home had been built in 1925 and though it had some work done as time went on they wanted to create a living space that they were comfortable in and that would suit their growing family. They wanted to totally finish the basement, add a bathroom to the space, and keep a seperate area for the laundry room so they could have an extra room to use without distractions.

Our EverLast wall systems really made a difference in this basement. They took this basmenet from grungy old concrete to clean, insulated, finished walls. And TBF can make quick work of installing a bathroom. We worked with a plumber to make sure that everything was installed properly, and added a toilet and a pedestal sink to make a half bath. A painted ceiling and Thermal Dry tile floor along with post wraps finished the space beautifully.


Refinishing A Finished Basement In Buffalo, NY

In 2017 we were contacted by a couple who wanted to refinish their finished basement so it would suit their current life better. Our Design Specialist met with the couple and found that the couple only wanted to finish part of their basement and leave part as a clean storage and laundry area. He also noticed that the finished basement would need to be demolished before we could proceed with the work. The couple didn't want to attempt the demolition on their own, so they hired TBF of WNY to do the demolition work along with the refinishing.

Our installation team made quick work of the demolition part of the project, and proceeded to install our EverLast wall system when they were done with it. Our Ever Last walls are mold and mildew resistant which makes them a better choice than drywall for basements as basements naturally attract moisture.  A Prestige Drop Ceiling with mineral composition and a Termal Dry tile floor finished the space and created an easy to clean and comfortable space that will last for decades.

Installing Egress Windows In Buffalo, NY

In December 2019 we were contacted by a father and son in Buffalo, NY asking for help with renovations to their basement. They wanted to turn their basement into a multi room living space. Our Design Specialist Paul met with them, and assessed the work that they wanted to do.  He found that to keep the prospective projects within New York State building code, that there would need to be multiple egress windows installed in the space.  We created a multi phase installation plan with the family, and worked with the city of Buffalo to obtain the necessary permits to install the egress windows first.  After the ground thawed from the winter cold, and we waited out the Covid-19 pause on work, we got started on installing 3 egress windows for the family.  The excavation and installation both went well and we hope that the family will have years of safety from the work we've done.

Installing Egress Windows In Buffalo, NY - Photo 1
Getting Creative in Amherst, NY

Our customer Chris out of Amherst, NY wanted a complete basement remodel. The most important thing out of this remodeling project to him and his family is to have a healthy, beautiful and functional living space in their basement. 

Chris stated that First Buffalo Total Basement Finishing is the BEST decision he could’ve chosen for any basement remodeling project. Shortly after he found us on Google and after doing some of his own due diligence he noticed that we offered everything he can ask for in a basement including warranties on all our patented products.

During the remodeling project as Chris and his family were seeing the progress all throughout, they were stunned by how polite, clean and respectful our crew was while working in their home. After the complete basement transformation was finished, him and his family were just amazed how beautiful their own basement now looks!

Chris and his family can now enjoy their fully remodeled basement as the value of their home went up tremendously! 

Getting Creative in Amherst, NY - Photo 1
New ceiling and flooring turning a basement to BEAUTIFUL in Buffalo, NY

Janice & Craig out of Buffalo, NY has a unique shaped basement with a bedroom already. However, their ceilings were very old and needed to be taken down. They really wanted a full remodeled basement to make their bedroom and other space look and feel new! A game room is another necessity for them so they can utilize their huge pool able they have. 

Janice found us online while searching the web primarily for new - long lasting basement ceiling tiles and remodeling ideas. Having new ceiling tiles was most important to them in getting this project done. After seeing our website and various new remodeling ideas that sparked their interest, they filled out a quick questionnaire. First thing the next morning, First Buffalo Total Basement Finishing reached out to them to set up a FREE estimate. Our basement specialist Michael suggested our patented ceiling tiles that are backed by a 30-year warranty. He also recommended our unique MillCreek flooring which is also backed by a warranty and will give a luxurious look. Michael also enjoyed helping them create the perfect design layout for their project. 

After the basement remodeling was finished, Janice & Craig both said that they are so glad they found us online and booked their Free estimate! They are now enjoying there new living space more than ever and can’t wait for all their friends and family to come check it out!

New ceiling and flooring turning a basement to BEAUTIFUL in Buffalo, NY - Photo 1New ceiling and flooring turning a basement to BEAUTIFUL in Buffalo, NY - Photo 2New ceiling and flooring turning a basement to BEAUTIFUL in Buffalo, NY - Photo 3New ceiling and flooring turning a basement to BEAUTIFUL in Buffalo, NY - Photo 4New ceiling and flooring turning a basement to BEAUTIFUL in Buffalo, NY - Photo 5
From dark and uncomfortable to light and ENJOYABLE! - Cheektowaga, NY

Vince and his family needed more livable and enjoyable space. Although they already had some extra space in their basement, it was dark and very uncomfortable. He decided to reach out to us after we met him at our Buffalo home show. When he reached out to us for a Free Estimate we were there within a week which he was super impressed about from the start!

The most important concern they had was simply extra living space and they wanted a rec room. Our basement specialist Ryan decided that our 100% inorganic MillCreek flooring and our everlasting walls would best fit his family's wishes! With Vince and his family knowing that all our products are waterproof, mold & mildew resistant and are backed by lifetime warranties, it gave his family the peace of mind.

They were super excited and eager to see the results throughout the entire process while being able to literally see their basement transform from dark to LIGHT! First Buffalo Total Basement Finishing is pleased that we could solve their family’s concerns and now they can ENJOY their more comfortable & livable space!


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We're thinking about finishing our basement. Want to learn about cost ranges. Probably keep it open, but if we can hide away some utilities and make it feel more homey, that'd be great. To include laundry area, music area and living room/kids play area. Perhaps a "man cave" corner w bar.
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Basement in-law suit.
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We have three spaces we want to create in our basement: a home gym, a small winter woodworking shop, and a laundry room for our tenant. Our basement is almost the full footprint of the house 1500-2000sqft with several separate rooms. We want to know how much it would cost to achieve all of these spaces and whether all or some of them are possible.
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