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Do you dream of creating more living or recreation space in your home?

Then look no further than Total Basement Finishing of Western NY.

We are Niagara County's source for basement remodeling and finishing needs.

What makes us better? Our products are tested to be mold-resistant and waterproofed, so your basement will not only look nice but stay healthy. We have warrantied products for basement walls, floors, ceilings, doors, and windows.

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Remodeling Services we offer in Niagara County:

  • Basement design ideas.
  • Basement egress windows and window wells.
  • Floor tiles & faux wood flooring.
  • Wall panels and insulation.
  • Easy-to-clean and maintain products.
  • Basement window replacement.
  • Basement ceiling options.
  • Basement carpeting.
  • Financing Available
  • FREE written estimates & fast installation

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Case Studies From Niagara County
Mrs. Weber of Wheatfield, NY wanted to remodel their existing, "kind of finished," space into a fully functional, livable space for her grandsons to...
Job Stories From Niagara County, NY
Egress Window Going In, In Barker, NY

In fall 2019 TBF of WNY was contacted by a woman who wanted to put a bedroom into her basement. She has had some water issues in the basement in the past, and has a sump pump there now, but wanted to look into Waterproofing to avoid water damage in the bedroom in the future and an Egress Window so the bedroom is safe and up to New York State building code.

TBF of WNY was happy to work wih her on this project, egress windows are so important when turning a basement into a bedroom. And they light up the space with natural light (something that is often forgotten about in a basement).  We also put in a new sump pump, waterproofing, and a vapor barrier to help keep the basement dry in the future.  We hope that this client will come back to TBF when she wants to finish refinishing her basement.


Egress Window Going In, In Barker, NY - Photo 1
Looking For Storage And More in Gasport, NY

A couple approached Total Basement Finishing about finishing their basement. They had a 2 year old house with a large basement, and wanted their basement to reflect their current life instead of just being used for storage the way that they were using it.  They wanted to create a dedicated storage area, and finish the rest to become a family area with a media viewing area.  

Our Design Consultant was happy to work on plans for them, and set one up using our EverLast Wall systems to refinish the existing walls and to create seperate storage and viewing areas.  The couple wanted to have the ceiling painted instead of adding a drop ceiling, and wanted to add lights to brighten the space.  They also chose our Mill Creek Flooring in a Natural Oak finish which would also help brighten the space.

The couple is doing a lot of home improvements and is holding off on the project at this time, but TBF is ready to help them when they are ready for us to start work.

Looking For Storage And More in Gasport, NY - Photo 1
Just a Refresh in Middleport, NY

A few years ago we were contacted by a couple in Middleport, NY. They wanted to do a basic refresh to their basement as they mostly use it for storage.  It was a fairly large basement with a lot of potential. 

The couple just wanted to install new walls using our EverLast panelling, put in extra electrical sockets in case they wanted to use the basement for more than storage in the future; and add some new doors. They debated about going ahead with this project for a while, then decided to hold off on the work. We are happy to hold the plans for them and are ready to help them when they are ready to refresh their space!

Finishing a Basement Living Space in North Tonawanda, NY

A wonderful woman in North Tonawanda contacted TBF of WNY to see what she could have done in her basement. Her son was moving in with her and would be living there, and it was a fairly unfinished space. Our design consultant showed her everything that we could do, and she chose to finish a lot of the space, but to leave the walls untouched.

We worked with her to install our SaniDry XP Air System to make sure that the basement stays dry for her son, as well as our Mill Creek Flooring in Espresso which added depth to the colors in the room, and decorative pole wraps to create a more finished space.

We're very glad that the room worked out the way that the woman wanted it to, and we hope that when she is ready to refinish the walls that she will call on Total Basement Finishing of WNY. 

Finishing a Basement Living Space in North Tonawanda, NY - Photo 1
Simple Waterproofing in Niagara Falls, NY

A woman in Niagara Falls, NY contacted Total Basement Finishing of WNY for help waterproofing her basement. She didn't have any major water issues in her basement, but she wanted to keep problems away in the future.  Our Design Specialist Todd met with her and worked with her to create a waterproofing plan that would work in her basement.

TBF of WNY created a small trench on the perimeter of the basement to create a barrier in the drain tile and tied the perimeter tile to the sump pump to give the water it collected a place to go to be released.  We then poured concrete to the same level of the existing floor and smoothed it so there will be no difference in the space over time.  We hope that this work will keep the basement dry for years to come, and that if she ever wants to fully refinish her basement that this wonderful woman will contact Total Basement Finishing again!


Total Refinishing in Niagara Falls, NY

Last year we did a full basement refinishing for a couple in Niagara Falls, NY.  Their basement had no water or other issues, they just wanted to have a clean and modern basement that would better suit their life.

Our Design Specialist met with the couple, and really listened to what they wanted. They didn't want to move their washer and dryer; and they wanted a small laundry area. The Design Specialist showed them how our EverLast wall systems could not only make their exterior walls look lovely but also how they could create a small laundry room without moving anything. They loved that!

It took one of our install crews only about two and a half weeks to install our EverLast wall systems, paint the ceiling, and install our Mill Creek flooring in the basement. With the help of an electrician we got the basement rewired and installed recessed lights that gave a lot more light to the basement than the previous fixtures.  BiFold Doors were installed to finish the seperation of the small laundry area from the main room.


Finishing The Ceiling And Floor in Niagara Falls, NY

In 2019 a homeowner contacted TBF of WNY and let us know that he wanted to install a drop ceiling in his basement. Our Design Consultant went up to Niagara Falls, NY and met with him; and he fell in love with our flooring options and decided to refinish his floors too!

We installed our Prestige Drop Ceiling with a Mineral Fiber Composition. This is superior to "regular" drop ceiling tiles as it is mold, mildew, and water resistant. As are our flooring options! The homeowner loved our Therma Dry Tile Floors, and our Elite Plank Flooring. We finished the space with baseboard molding which created a polished look in the basement.

We're glad that the homeowner loved our products and invested in his basement. We hope that this space will bring him years of joy and comfort.

A Conventional Refinishing Job in Niagara Falls, NY

One of the first refinishing jobs that we did after we opened was in Niagara Falls, NY. The couple contacted us about refinishing their basement as they wanted it to look better and suit their current needs for the space more than it was. Our Design Consultant met with the couple three times to make sure that their needs and desires were met in the new design.

We installed our EverLast wall systems; including a half wall to break up the basement space. We boxed out the ductwork on the ceiling, and installed our Linen Drop Ceiling with a Mineral Fiber Composition created a polished look in the basement; and our Mill Creek Flooring finished the look.

We're so proud that we got to work on this basement, and that it turned out absolutly beautifully.

Making A Basement In Niagara Falls, NY

A man in Niagara Falls, NY contacted us about making a basement bedroom for him. This was slightly complicated because his home is located right next to a creek and every basement bedroom needs to have an egress window installed in it.  TBF of WNY had a boundry survey done to do the work to make sure that everything would be far enough away from the creek to safely dig and install. When we were sure that we could proceed, TBF of WNY got to work!

We installed our EverLast Wall Systems to create a clean bedroom space; and installed both the egress window and an EverLast basement window insert to let more light into the basement bedroom. We worked with an electrician to add extra electrical outlets and electric smoke alarms into the new bedroom. Then we installed our Mill Creek flooring in the quiet Natural Oak color. A painted ceiling with recessed lights finished the space.


Basement Apartment Needs An Egress Window In Niagara Falls, NY

A homeowner called us with a special request, his basement was finished to a point that he was happy with and he wanted to turn it into an apartment. To do this he needed to have an egress window installed, and he was hoping that we could help him with that.  

Egress windows are no problem for the team at TBF of WNY, we got his installed in about a week, and everything went smoothly.

Egress windows were made mandatory for all basement bedrooms in 2015, and in May of 2020 were made mandatory for all basement renovations in New York State. We will be happy to help you out with these when you need one installed.

Adding A Bed, Bath, And Beyond That In Niagara Falls, NY

At the end of 2019, a couple contacted us, and set up an appointment to speak with a Design Specialist about their basement. They had big hopes to add a bedroom, bathroom, and a living space that could accomidate a game room and a home theater to their basement. Our Design Specialist met with them, and they started working on plans that would make their dreams come true. 

We could add in a medium sized bedroom including an egress window, a full bathroom; and we even fit in a well sized living space for the couple to use as they wanted to.  Our EverLast Wall Systems make adding rooms to a basement easy. And their basement was tall enough to accomidate a drop ceiling made with our special mineral fiber composition. And our Mill Creek flooring really finished the room and brought everything together.

We finished this project just as the Covid-19 shutdown started, and we hope the the couple will be comfortable and happy in their basement now as we are all spending more time at home.


Updating A Basement In Niagara Falls, NY

A couple contacted TBF of WNY with a big project. Their basement had been "finished" in the 1970's and they wanted to update it to make a play room for their child, and for their baby that was one the way. The basement was covered in wood panelling and had exposed wiring and pipes from an old kitchen area that used to be in the basement. The couple felt that it was a real mess that they wanted to have fixed up quickly.

Our Design Specialist met with them and helped them redesign a beautiful new basement that would fit their growing family's needs.

Our EverLast Wall System was installed on all exterior walls, and the EverLast particians went up to create a laundry area, a storage area, and a finished play area for their family.  With doors to seperate everything, the children would be safe and have a comfortable place to play. We installed both our Elite Plank flooring and our ThermalDry flooring tiles in different areas of the basement, which also helped create sperate areas for different activities.  We installed extra recessed lighting which brightened up the space, and put wraps around the basement support posts which really finished the space.

We hope that this family can enjoy their basement for many years to come and that they enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working with them on it.

Quickly Fixing A Floor In Niagara Falls, NY

In 2017 we were contacted by a homeowner who needed help in his basement fast! He had tried to refinish the basement floor on his own, but the product that he had used wouldn't dry, even after waiting 5 days. He wanted a new floor ASAP.

Our Design Specialist met with him and he agreed to clean up the sticky mess that was on the floor at the time of the appointment. TBF of WNY rushed his job, and installed a new floor within 2 weeks for him. He agreed that our Mill Creek flooring really looked fabulous and he was pleased that he didn't have to do more work with it.

At TBF of WNY we strive to keep our customers happy, though we cannot always rush jobs like this we were very happy that we could in this case. We hope that the homeowner and his family have been able to enjoy their new floor and that they will be able to for years to come.

Waterproofing A Basement In Niagara Falls, NY

A homeowner in Niagara Falls, NY contacted us with a special job. She had been having water issues in her basement and wanted to know if we could do some waterproofing in her basement for her. It is rare that we do just waterproofing in a basement as we cannot do large foundation repairs, but the woman really wanted the work done quickly and had heard from friends that we did work for before that our work was very good, so we said we would take a look at the problem.

Our Design Specialist Todd went to her home and met with the homeowner. He inspected and measured the basement and found that the water issues weren't as intricate as we had orginally thought. We worked with the homeowner to plan basic waterproofing that attached to her existing sump pump system and a small crack repair on the wall.

We know that the home owner will now have a basement that is safe and dry. We hope that if she ever wants to fully refinish her basement that she will be in touch with us so we can make her now dry basement beautiful.

Creating a New Space in Lockport, NY

We met a couple from Lockport, NY at the Buffalo Home Show, and they were very intersted in creating a new space in their basement to use as a game room; and they were looking for the best products to make this space comfortable for them.

Our Design Specialist Andrew met with the couple and really listened to what they wanted to create so he could make a design that best used their space for them. 

We installed our EverLast wall systems which are mold and mildew resistant. These will help keep the basement dry and the homeowners happy for years to come. We painted the ceiling and installed a new electric smoke alarm to keep things safe. The homeowners wanted to keep the lighting that they had and we were happy to help them do so. A new MillCreek Floor made the space look clean and bright. 



Creating a New Space in Lockport, NY - Photo 1
Installing An Egress Window In Sanborn, NY

In 2019 we were contacted by a man who had just purchased a home in Sanborn, NY. He was renovating the basement on his own to create a bedroom there, and because of New York State building codes he needed to have an egress window installed in his basement.  

Egress windows are easy for TBF of WNY to install.  After meeting with the homeowner, and making sure that the wall that they wanted the egress window to be installed on was a sound choice for the window; we had an architect create a drawing to show the town what was going to be done and to make sure that all work was to their standards as well as ours. After getting the necessary permits it took less than two weeks from start to finish.

We hope that the homeowner feels safe in the basement now, and we know that they are pleased with our work.

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